By Proclamation...

Jefferson IS the Bigfoot Capital of Texas

According to the Texas Bigfoot Research Center , there has been a long history of sightings in the state of Texas. One of the first in the history books is the strange case of the “The Wild Woman Of The Navidad.” This is a story that was recounted in the Legends of Texas published by the Texas Folklore Society in 1924. The creature was described as covered with short brown hair and was very fast. She eluded capture because the horses were so afraid of the strange creature that they could not be urged within reach.

East Texas, where the majority of the reported sightings of Bigfoot occur in the state, boasts of nearly 12 million acres of forestland. Craig Woolheater, head of the Texas Bigfoot Research Center in nearby Jefferson, says Caddo Lake is a land of Bigfoot. And he’s not kidding.

Bigfoot hunts in Jefferson

In the Port Jefferson History and Nature Center there is a large Bigfoot at the entrance to the trail across from the City of Jefferson Convention and Visitors Center. What most people don't know is the area between the entrance and the train bridge is known as "Bigfoot Alley". If you look real hard and hunt hard you will find 4 more Bigfoots hiding among the thickets.